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Gang The Auto


Welcome to the city of vice, steeped in street wars and corruption.The city of bright lights and dark alleys.Time of the game - early 20's. The nameless hero was completely alone. Without money and without a car. Behind him being chased by bandits, the police want to hide him behind bars. The main character await tough times!To get rid of the hassles you have to go through a complex path from the ground to the top of the underworld.
We present you with the most exciting game on mobile devices. With it you can look into every corner of the huge open city. A ride on the best cars. Complete the most exciting mission.
Features Gang The Auto:• Beautiful graphics and great character models and vehicles;• Gameplay optimized for touch-screen devices;• Customizable management, revised for mobile platforms;• A huge fleet;• many hours of gameplay.
Meet the nameless hero and welcome!